Dangers of the First World

OR How I traded my son for a pointy eared girl

Things got interesting for our friends when Lord Isaac assigned the party (sans-Xendra) to escort a delegation of fey nobility in from “out of town” that were coming for a business deal. In a idyllic glade in a forest to the northwest of town the party met up with Ha’oed’fili, Prince of the Rising Falls, his brother, Qeigio (kay-zho), his daughter, Co’orogo, and their servant, Mukjaliv (Moog-zha-leave).

The gang escorted the prince and co to town where they gave them a (semi-successful) tour of the city. After the tour it was down to business, and the prince was brought to Lord Isaac’s offices where the man himself was waiting, along with Jonas. After an odd occurrence with some sort of field around Lord Isaac and a shared look between him and the prince, the meeting was underway.

It all began with a game, which the prince informed everyone is a custom amongst the fey when beginning negotiations. As a part of the custom, a wager must be made. Were Lord Isaac to lose, he would have to count every gold the prince gave him as 11 silver, but due to Ragrim’s wit and skill at the word game the prince had them play, Lord Isaac instead gained a ward: Co’orogo, the prince’s daughter.

However, everything changed in the second round, where the wagers were reversed, and the prince turned out to be more skilled at his own game than he originally let on. Instead of being able to count every 11 silver of the prince’s coin as 1 gold, Lord Isaac instead had to choose one of his children to surrender to the prince as a ward. With less time than may have been appropriate, Lord Isaac selected his son Braiden to become the prince’s ward, much to Braiden’s dismay. From there, after a lark, the true negotiations proceeded, finalizing in a rather profitable arrangement for Lord Isaac.

Our heroes then after led the delegation to the inn they had found for them (much to the innkeeper’s chagrin), and continued the tour the next day before escorting them, sans Co’orogo and with Braiden in tow, back to the glade for their departure. With one last nasty look, Braiden disappeared into the shadows of the trees.


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