Street performer / magician


She is a sixteen year old human of average size, though on the slimmer side. She stands five foot six in her bare feet. Her long brown hair is usually braided and pinned around her head. Light brown eyes with thick lashes are the best feature on an otherwise plain face.
She carries a rapier and a dagger. When not preforming she wears soft knee high boots, leather pants, and a leather corset-style jerkin over a linen shirt.


Mother, Siushan, died shortly after her birth.
Father, Artair, was a sailor on the Iseabal. He is thought dead since both he and the ship has never returned.
On her father’s departure he left her in the care of Doilidh, his insane ailing mother, until her death when Marta was eight. A friend of the family, Eda, took Marta in until at age ten she ran away.


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