Lord Issac of House Row

Master of Taxes


Your typical plump, old, wealthy merchant. Slightly balding, grey hair and a medium length beard. ~180lbs (little to none of which is muscle), 5’8".


Issac is a successful merchant who has recently been given a place on the Merchant Quarter’s districts council, which comes with it a title of nobility. However, after his appointment (especially as Master of Taxes) he came to the realization that there might be those who would come to wish him harm in the future. To the cessation of this end he spread flyers across the district and surrounding districts, in every tavern, inn, and hole-in-the-wall, advertising a contest to hire bodyguards to receive a quite respectable pay of 10 gold pieces each week, with the strongest performer being promoted to Head of Defense and receiving a pay increase as well.

Lord Issac of House Row

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