It's Dangerous To Go Alone

OR Wallflowers and Willful Women

On the dawn of October 23rd the eleven freelancers who had successfully completed Lord Isaac’s challenge arrived in front of his office place to be greeted by a short speech and a congratulatory feast/introductory brunchen. Zelda crassly consumed copious quantities of chicken and an alcoholic concoction while most of the others simply stood around glaring, staring, or simply not caring. Braiden watched everyone eat and drink while he casually nibbled at a treat or two, and Decker even made an appearance, much to Braiden’s displeasure.

At the end of the party shifts were assigned, and Zelda ended up joining the party (at least in an official capacity). Our heroes managed to procure the morning shift due to a lack of resistance on the other large crew’s part, and with that the shifts were set. Since the morning shift was still in progress, everyone else trickled out one by one as our heroes stayed behind to assume their first shift.

A few days after, our heroes (sans Xendra) were “selected” (with a little help from Zelda) as a special detachment to escort what they were later informed were fey dignitaries coming to do business with Lord Isaac. What dangers lay in wait for our heroes on this task? Stay tuned to find out!


jsknotts jsknotts

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